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  • Warm up your fingers.
    30% deposit
    bonus up
    to GHS 150.

    Three steps to use your welcome bonus:

    1. Make a deposit of at least GHS 3.
    2. Rollover your deposit amount once on combo bets of 2+ selections with min. odds of 5.00.
    3. Once your bets settle, get a free bet sized 30% of your first deposit amount up to GHS 150.

    For the bettor.

  • The app that sticks.
    Download the new
    10bet app now.

    10bet will appreciate you washing your hands before touching 10bet app because the thing is brand new.

    We had an idea to make an awesome app, but now that idea has become an awesome reality.

    It's new, we love it, and you'll undoubtedly love it too.

    For the bettor.

  • The wheel deal.
    Bet GHS 25+
    and get a free
    spin on our
    Wheel Of Fortune

    Two steps to your free spin:

    1. Generate a daily turnover of GHS 25+ on any sport with min. odds of 1.50.
    2. Login the day after to claim you free spin on the Wheel of Fortune and stand a chance to win a prize.


    For the bettor.

  • As you wish.
    Wager week
    by week to win
    up to GHS 80
    of free bets.

    How to claim your free bet:

    1. Bet GHS 50+ every week to unlock free bet every Monday.
    2. Place bet on combos of 2+ selections with odds of (3.00+).
    3. Play more to get more: 

    - GHS 50 - GHS 500 to get GHS 2 free bet 
    - GHS 500 - GHS 1,000 to get GHS 30 free bet  
    - GHS 1,000+ to get GHS 80 free bet .


    For the bettor.

  • Play with more green.
    Score 50%
    Free Bet
    up to
    GHS 100.

    Three steps to maximum return:

    1. Deposit to take part in the promotion.
    2. Bet on any sport (min odds of 1.50+).
    3. Get 50% of your stake back as a  FREE BET.

    For the bettor.

  • Go high!
    Africa's biggest
    1,000% multi-bet

    Three steps to your odds boost:

    1. Place 3+ sports bet selections.
    2. The more bet selections you place, the bigger the percentage boost you get eg. 3 selections = 3% bonus; 4 selections = 5% bonus; 5 selections = 7% bonus… and so on…up to a 1,000% bonus for placing 50 selections.
    3. That’s it. Good luck!

    For the bettor.


  • Pick, hope, win.
    GHS 250,000
    jackpot for 1x2
    on 12 games.

    Three steps to your share of the football lotto jackpot:

    1. Pay your entry fee of GHS 2.
    2. Predict home win, draw or away win for 12 matches.
    3. If you correctly predict 12/12 you’ll win the full GHS 250,000 jackpot. If you correctly guess 11/12 or 10/12, you’ll win a share of the jackpot. 

    For the bettor.

  • Go sky high.
    Win GHS 50,000
    for predicting
    6 games.

    Three steps to your share of the jackpot:

    1. Place a real money bet during the week.
    2. Predict the score of six matches.
    3. If you correctly predict 6/6 scores, you’ll win the full GHS 50,000 jackpot. If you correctly guess 5/6 scores, you’ll win a share of the GHS 50,000 jackpot.

    For the bettor.

  • Score a gold.
    Win GHS 3,000
    for 1x2 on
    8 games.

    Three steps to your share of the football lotto jackpot:

    1. Pay your entry fee of GHS 1.
    2. Predict home win, draw or away win for 8 matches.
    3. If you correctly predict 8/8 you’ll win the full GHS 3,000 jackpot.

    For the bettor.

  • Officially sponsored by 10bet.
    We’ve got Aduana Stars back (and front too).

    10bet is excited to announce its sponsorship with the two-time champions of Ghana, Aduana Stars!

    The Ghanaian Premier League side who wear a beautiful green and yellow kit will also mount the 10bet logo as they look for more domestic glory this season!

  • 10bet Winners' Club.
    Beat the odds
    like A.I. did!

    Our lucky player A.I. literally beat odds of 2,591.98 and won GHS 22,026.87.
    He achieved those numbers by betting only GHS 5 on Football Combo bets and activating our Multi Bet Bonus. 

    Show us your betting skills!

  • 10bet Winners' Club.
    Free Bet =
    Real Money.

    Don’t miss the Free Bet.
    That’s what E.L. did. She successfully turned her Free Bet money into real GHS 4,948.46.
    She hit these numbers by creating Combo bet with 50 selections and odds 330.23.

    Take advantage of your Free Bet today!

  • 10bet Winners' Club.
    From 1 to 3,000.

    E.P-E knocked down the biggest Score a Gold Jackpot prize of GHS 3,000 by betting only GHS 1.
    He successfully predicted the outcome of all 8 games and that’s what puts him on the 10bet’s winners list.

    Place your lucky bet!

  • 10bet Winners' Club.
    Pick 6 lucky

    Our Pick 6 winner R.S took home the cash prize of GHS 150.
    His successful predictions of the matches’ results brought him the total of 25 points that shot him straight to the top of our Pick 6 Leaderboard


    Pick the lucky 6!


  • 10bet Winners' Club.
    Multiply the wins.

    One of our latest winners - I.G., grabbed GHS 3,499.38.
    He placed a bet of GHS 100 on events from 14 different leagues with total amount of odds – 26.91.
    The initial cash prize was additionally pushed to its final number by the Multi Bet Bonus. 

    Pick your lucky leagues!



10Bet Ghana offers and promotions

If there’s one thing players can count on at 10Bet Ghana, it’s a solid boost! The promotions tab on our platform is incredibly lively. While it might not be overflowing with offers all year round, there’s always something players can pick up to make their betting experience more enjoyable. When our promos are in question, variety is the most important thing. We ensure our offers are diverse, covering a range of different sports that are often overlooked. Of course, this also means experimenting with our offers to see which types of boosts are best suited to a wider audience.

Welcome Bonus for 10Bet Ghana

The 10Bet Ghana Welcome Bonus is one for the ages. Instead of going with something out-of-the-box, we’ve decided to give players a classic crowd-pleaser they’re sure to love. Our offer consists of a 50% Deposit Match up to $50 for players that deposit at least £15 their first time on our platform! As you might have guessed, this bonus applies to our entire sportsbook! You can choose any sport that you prefer and use your Bonus Funds to test the waters. You can place plenty of bets with the sum you receive, so don’t be afraid to try out a few different options to see what you like best!

Boost your 10Bet betting experience

As we’ve stated previously, variety is a big thing with our bonuses. One aspect of this includes the types of bonuses we typically hand out to loyal punters. Here are some of the variations you can expect:

1. Free Bets: If you want to earn big rewards without spending a dime, Free Bets are the way to go! These promos give players a chance to place a bet without using money from their balance.

2. Enhanced Odds: An excellent promo that increases the odds for select games and tournaments! Everyone can appreciate a boosted reward, and enhanced odds are one way to get it.

3. Reload Bonus: Reload Bonuses are how we show we care for loyal customers. If you’ve already deposited on our platform, we might reward you with a nice bonus the next time you repeat the process!

Jackpot Bonus for 10Bet Ghana

If you’re lucky, you might run into a Jackpot Bonus when visiting our platform! If you do, the next steps you should take are simple. Join the tournament, set your predictions, and wait for the outcome. The prizes available on these bonuses are insanely high, so if you want to receive the win of a lifetime, a Jackpot Bonus is the best way to go.

Claim your 10Bet Ghana Bonus today

You’ve read about some of our excellent offers, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to leave any doubt behind and snag your hefty 10Bet Ghana Bonus today! There’s plenty to gain from using our offers, so choose the one that looks the most enticing and watch it work its magic!

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